The stormers stormed Charlottesville last weekend, a unity rally for white separatists/supremacists. They chose C-Ville in part because some of their leaders are UVA alum, but they wanted to stop the removal of a Robert E. Lee monument. I personally don’t think that every confederate monument needs to come down, more and more they will serve as signals of how locals think about race, particularly whiteness. But I can’t help but wonder why the losers of the Civil War have been allowed to snatch victory from defeat and to valorize treachery.

If you want to see monuments to the Royalists of the Revolutionary War go to New Brunswick, Canada. If you want to see memorials to U.S. soldiers from the Vietnam War, come to the US, don’t look for them in Vietnam. Why should monuments to people who waged war against the United States stand in the U.S.? And please don’t bring up monuments to Native Americans as a response. It’s one thing to defend yourself and your people from genocide and displacement. It’s another to fight to preserve your perceived right to own people of another race.